Monday, December 3, 2007

Wolfowitz to Replace Fred Thompson On Arms Control? What is the world coming to

Although I don't usually write comments to the New York Times, I was
motivated today to respond to material on the NY Times Lede. It seems
that Condi Rice has suggested that Paul Wolfowitz might be appointed
chair of the State Department's International Security Advisory Board,
which advises the department on questions of arms control, non
proliferation, and keeps a special eye on Iran, North Korea, and other
supposedly dangerous states. If that wasn't funny enough(Wolfie, who
has spent the last thirty years or so doing everything in his power to
undermine strategic arms limitation treaties, support unilateral U.S.
military buildups, launch wars, to chair an anti-proliferation board)
the Blog account mentioned that he would replace(I swear) Fred Thompson,
the lawyer turned actor turned Senator turned actor again on Law and
Order turned presidential candidate on the Board(if that is a hoax, the
NYT is perpetrating it).

This got me to thinking. Maybe Wolfie could follow Thompson in an
acting career(in terms of making a positive contribution to anything,
he has failed at everything else). If I were a producer, I would develop
a series, "Neocons," about a group of egotistical incompetents who ride
to power in a phony stolen election behind a dumb rich guy who wasn't
even sure what he is running for, and then launch a war against Iceland,
claiming it is harboring weapons of mass destruction, try to interest
the United Nations in the development of a global beach volleyball
tournament in Iceland, launch a crash program to develop a strike force
to destroy terrorist bases on the moon, and and receive from the King of
Saudi Arabia a statue of Ronald Reagan, which they put into New York
Harbor next to the statue of liberty. Fred Thompson might also
participate in this series, playing Donald Rumsfeld. This would be the
pilot, and from there they would go off into even wilder things.

If you think that this is absurd, remember that Bush appointed Wolfie to
head the World Bank(even though he had no background in banking and
finance, as he does in foreign policy planning, even though his
"background" there shouldn't qualify him to be a hall monitor in a high
school in a rational world).

If only Peter Sellers had lived. He could have played them all, Bush,
Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rice, Rumsfeld, in "Neocons," which could also be
seen as a remake and updating of Dr. Strangelove.
Norman Markowitz


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