Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pass the Local Jobs for America Act

14.6 million U.S. workers unemployed. One in ten without work. Only one job opening for every 5.6 people looking.

Congress just doesn't get it. Joblessness is an emergency, and requires bold, emergency action. Tell Congress they must ACT NOW to create jobs and protect jobless benefits!

This jobs crisis is deeper and longer-lasting than even the Reagan recession of the 1980s, but many Democrats seem to be falling for right-wing scare tactics about the budget deficit and buying into the ridiculous argument that jobless benefits keep the unemployment rate higher.

Wall Street has recovered. Corporate CEOs are back to their greedy ways. Meanwhile, even if trends reverse today, workers will have to wait four to six years to close this job gap. The House voted last week to extend unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed, but only through November, and they removed money to help people keep their health care coverage.

No matter what the conservative number crunchers say: there's no such thing as a jobless recovery! Congress must act now to save and create jobs, starting with the Local Jobs for America Act.

The Local Jobs for America Act will provide our economy a shot in the arm by putting a million people to work in local communities. Specifically, the bill funds local governments and non-profit agencies to save and create jobs providing local services for two years, including:

- $75 Billion to create 750,000 jobs providing needed local services for 2 years ($52.5 billion directly to communities with at least 50,000 residents; $22.5 billion for communities with fewer than 50,000 residents)
- $23 billion to help states support an estimated 250,000 education jobs;
- $1.18 billion to put 5,500 law enforcement officers on the beat;
- $500 million to hire and retain fire fighters;
- $500 million for 50,000 additional on-the-job training positions in the private sector.

Tell Congress they must take emergency action to create jobs.