Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PA's June issue

Radical Ideas, Real Politics: Some Thoughts on the Coming Period
by Joel Wendland and Peter Zerner

A Real Solution: Replace SB 1070 with Comprehensive Immigration Reform
by Joel Wendland

Podcast #116 Labor History vs. the Cold war
by Political Affairs

Don’t Burn the Books: Ban the Courses that Use Them
by Norman Markowitz

Class and Race in the US Labor Movement: The Case of the Packinghouse Workers
by Harry Targ

Feeling Locked Out of the American Dream?

Suse Rotolo and Bob Dylan’s Left Period
by Gerald Meyer

Obama, the Tea Party, and History: Part II
by Frank T. DeAngelis

Determining Your Philosophy Dialectically
by Gary Tedman

Protect Miranda
by Thomas Riggins

Defeating the Ultra-Right: Know Your Enemy
by Jean Paul Holmes

Video: CPUSA convention, Keynote Speech

The Fight Against Racism: New Challenges, Features, and Possibilities
by Jarvis Tyner

Reflections on the 29th Convention of the CPUSA
by John Case

Book Review: A World of Trouble
by Martha Kramer

Poetry, June 2010