Monday, November 30, 2009

Murder In The Name Of Honor


Rana Husseini - A Review [reposted from Human Rights and Culture]

"The value of this book lies not only in the fact that Husseini brings to light an unspeakable and rampant atrocity but also in the way she tells her own story and how she shows the reader the step-by-step process of her investigations. A powerful and important book."—Booklist, Starred Review

"Rana is utterly inspiring. She is a young woman of courage, committed to the principles of truth and justice...If enough people read this book, maybe the next time a young woman is being stoned to death from having fallen in love, someone will intervene to save her life." —Jane Fonda, actress, writer, and political activist

"Rana Husseini has almost single-handedly brought this crime to public attention through her newspaper articles and campaigns, and her achievements in journalism and human rights have been internationally recognized. She has produced a brilliantly researched and passionate attack on honor killings around the world. A powerful, heartfelt and important book."—HM Queen Noor of Jordan, international humanitarian activist

"Disturbing, informative and readable, Murder in the Name of Honor tackles one of the mose shocking crimes of the 21st Century. A remarkable insight into a horrifying crime and a call to action for everyone who cares about human rights. A must read."—Kerry Kennedy, founder of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights, and chair of the Amnesty International USA Leadership Council

In this new provocative firsthand account, MURDER IN THE NAME OF HONOR, Rana Husseini chronicles the many stories behind cases of so-called honor killings that she has uncovered during years of international investigative reporting. Taking us from the narrow alleys of Old Amman to the war-torn region of Baghdad, from the bustling streets of Derby in the UK to the quiet suburbs of St Louis, USA, Rana uses her journalistic ability to meticulously reconstruct each crime scene, seeking not to shock but to humanize each murder, to help readers understand the multiple contradictions, which allow these horrendous crimes to occur.

Through Rana’s interviews, many never before published, we hear from women who have survived their attempted murders and are now in jail, as it is the only place they can be protected from their family. We hear from convicted murderers; some of whom are repentant for their crimes, others who are not. We hear from parents who put their sons to the tasks of killing their daughters. And we hear from countless government officials, neighbors and police- those who have enabled these crimes and those who seek to stop them.

Along the way Rana tells the moving story of her own personal journey from being a young naïve journalist, stumbling across these incomprehensible crimes to becoming a powerful advocate, dedicated to exposing every murder she hears about. She describes the countless rallies, letter writing campaigns, protests, and court-cases she has organized and attended and the successes she has had using the media to affect change against many odds.

Rana’s story is personal but also grounded in years of extensive research from dozens of countries, where so-called honor killings have been reported including Pakistan, Jordan, Sweden, the UK and the US. Rana describes what is being done in specific locations and what still needs to be done on a social, political and economic level to get this issue the attention it deserves. She delves into the very complicated issue of these crimes occurring in migrant communities across Europe and North America and explains the links between so-called honor crimes and other forms of discrimination occurring against women worldwide.

At once chilling, gut-wrenching, inspiring, and informative, MURDER IN THE NAME OF HONOR is the most comprehensive and accessible resource on this issue and a call to arms to all those who believe in the equal rights of women, the power of the media to make a difference, and their obligation as citizens of an international community to fight for the justice for all.

Rana Husseini is a Jordanian journalist who has worked on the issue of violence against women and, in particular, the brutal crimes committed in the name of honour killings.