Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Media Tries to Undermine Obama Agenda

From BeyondChron:
By Randy Shaw
BeyondChron - March 10, 2009
(San Francisco's Alternative Online Daily)

Barack Obama has been President for eight weeks, and much of the traditional media remains incapable of making sense of his agenda. In one corner we have hosts like Hardball's Chris Matthews, who appears to be compensating for pro-Obama campaign comments by giving excessive voice to the president's critics. Or we have CNN's John King, who appears almost willfully ignorant in describing Obama's budget plans. The media appears hellbent on 'proving' two points: first, that Obama is breaking his campaign promise to chart a new direction, and second, that his economic recovery plan is suspect. The most common media shortcoming is intentional forgetfulness, as it downplays or entirely ignores the GOP's own nonsensical budget plans, as well as Republican's responsibility for the current economic crisis. Fortunately, polls continue to show the public tuning out the media chatter. The average person understands the causes and solutions of our crisis far better than the punditry, who remained trapped in an echo chamber of their own making.

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