Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fw: March 8 Int;l Women's Day in NYC

March 8th is Truly International Women's
Day in NYC – Union Square

Mike Tolochko

This year the annual March 8th celebration of International Women's Day in New York City was truly international. The rights of women around the world were the focus of most speakers. Local struggles for workers at Stella D'Oro were also highlighted.

Vinie Burrows introduced a special delegation from the Women's International Democratic Federation. Ms. Burrows a world-renowned actor and political activists introduced women who are attending and speaking at the United National Commission on the Status of Women. Ms Burrows is the permanent representative of the WDIF at the United Nations.

The WIDF will lead a special workshop on Monday afternoon, March 9th, at the UN. That panel is entitled: "Solidarity with Peace and Justice – For the Access of Women to Work Aiming for their full Emancipation." At that session, the WIDF will discuss its solidarity resolutions with Palestinian women and with the fight of the Cuban People for the freedom of the 5 heroes.

Ms Burrows introduced Marcia de Campos the president of the WIDF. President Campos is based in Sao Paulo, Brasil. In her militant comments she highlighted the plight of Palestinian women. The delegation held special banners focusing on the demand for peace in the Middle East and for Freedom for the Cuban 5.

Skevi Koukouma, vice president of the WDIF and also a member of the House of Parliament in Cyprus. She is a member of the International Relations Bureau of C.C. AKEL, the Progressive Party of the Working People. She is on the AKEL's central committee. Ms Koukouma focused on all women's rights but talked specifically about the rights of women in Cyprus. She said a main goal is for the return of all Cypriots to their home with the election of the new left lead government.

Also part of the delegation and speaking at the rally was Delia de Dios of Mexico. She is a member of the steering committee of the WIDF.

Other speakers targeted the demands for health care, public education, and housing rights. The main banner of the rally was the demand to not bail out the banks; bail out women and our communities.

Following the rally there was a march to the site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in Greenwich Village.

Brenda Stokely of the International Women's Day Coalition chaired the rally.