Sunday, December 28, 2008

WFTU Statement on Gaza Attacks

to:United Nations Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon
Cc: international organizations and mass media
Honourable Secretary-General,

on behalf of WFTU we condemn the barbaric Israeli air force attack against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The brutality of the Israeli army has so far resulted in 250 dead and 750 injured mostly of whom are civilians and children.

What is happening is a CRIME. We demand that the Israeli aggressiveness which is a constant threat against peace in south-east Mediterranean to stop immediately.We express our solidarity to the heroic Palestinian people and their struggle. We demand all the Israeli troops to evacuate all Arabic territory.

USA, EU, NATO administrations are greatly liable for providing essential coverage to Israeli administrations policy. This is the case now as well, therefore they are also partners in crime.
The Palestinian people has the right to fight for the acknowledgment of their lawful right to have their independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital. This struggle is sacred and rightful and it needs the support of all the progressive humanity.

WFTU always on the side of this struggle demands the immediate UN intervention and summons all the international trade union movement to support the Palestinians.
The secretariat
Athens 28th December 2008