Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Marx's 1844 Paris Manuscripts

If anyone knows of a server willing to host the EPM 1844 hypertext in its latest version for free, which is currently on http://home.freeuk.net/lemmaesthetics/ but is not updatable by me, please let me know by email (garytedman@freeuk.com). The latest (about 2005) version includes some further research I did on Notebook III, which includes study of inkblots caused by Marx as he wrote and which sometimes penetrated the page. The study was based on backed Xerox copies of the original MS. The earlier research was elucidated in an article published in "Rethinking Marxism" in 2004 ("Marx's 1844 Manuscripts as a Work of Art, a Hypertextual Reinterpretation", Gary Tedman). During the imminent publication of the text the server name of the website inexplicably changed to an address not set by myself, after publication it changed back to my original address (url). This made me confused as to which url I should use in the essay. I have no idea if this was some kind of internet sabotage or just bad luck but it seemed very coincidental. In any case, if you have difficulty finding the original site just google "epm 1844". I will use my personal blog on blogger, 'tedmans' to update research and answer any questions about it that I receive. So, if you have an interest in this enigmatic text and would like to share your thoughts please feel free to communicate there.