Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tell Congress: Save Autoworker Jobs!

Please respond right away to this urgent request by calling your Senators or Representative through this toll-free number: (877) 331-1223. Here are some talking points you can use. Or use the letter below to e-mail them.

The auto industry needs help in Congress right away -- and if we don’t get it, the jobs and benefits of hundreds of thousands of our active and retired members and millions of other Americans are at risk.

During the week of Nov. 17 the House and Senate are expected to vote on legislation to provide an emergency $25 billion bridge loan to GM, Ford and Chrysler to help weather the current severe credit and economic crises. Without this assistance, there is a real danger that the three companies will run out of cash and be forced to cease all manufacturing and business operations in the near future.

You can use the following toll-free number to call your Representative and Senators: (877) 331-1223. Or use the sample letter below to e-mail them.

The legislation to provide assistance to the auto industry will likely be taken up by the House and Senate sometime during the week of Nov. 17. So please call right away! Or you can send them this e-mail (below). We encourage you to edit the e-mail to express your own concerns about your job security, retirement benefits, and impact on your community, etc. Personal messages are more effective in reaching out to your elected representatives.