Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blogging the NC

By PA NC Blogging Team

The first meeting of the CPUSA national committee after the election is in session. Joe Sims, publisher of PA welcomed everyone to the meeting and pointed to the new era brought in by the election. He indicated that the NC had the task of accessing this new period and drawing conclusions about the role of the Party in helping move the process forward. Various views, he stressed, exist on the extent of the mandate and whether or not there was a landslide. “A statistical analysis of the numbers” he said, “may not wholly reveal what really happened.”

He pointed to his experiences working on the campaign in Ohio and the enthusiasm, organization and tenacity of the all-peoples movement there. “What gave these people the audacity and the hope?” he asked, suggesting this is something that cannot be merely quantified.

“Women were the bulwark of the campaign,” he said, “and gave themselves to it selflessly day after day.” He also pointed to the unique role of workers and youth and students.

Sims told a story about how a worker addressed the question of racism in an undecided voter who asked him, “What do you want? A Black House or a White House?” The worker replied, “What do you want? A Black House, a White House, or a Poor House!?”

The election he stressed was a big victory against the right and racism.

“I agree with Evo Morales” Sims said, “who asked what is happening in the Americas? You have an indigenous person head of state in Bolivia and African American elected to the presidency of the United States!”

The PA publisher continued, “When you add to that the victory in Virginia, former seat of the confederacy, the victory in North Carolina, Indiana and Ohio, this thing is huge. Within the context of fighting the emerging economic crisis we have to discuss how to move forward.”