Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Five Facts about Alaska's Republican Senatorial Candidate

1) Miller has said that he would phase out both Social Security and Medicare, cut Medicaid, and completely eliminate the Department of Education.

2) He said he doesn't believe that unemployment benefits are "constitutionally authorized," and wouldn't extend this assistance to Alaskans struggling to find work in a still-recovering economy -- even though the only people eligible for unemployment are those who have already had it deducted from their paychecks.

3) He recently told Fox News that Republican lawmakers need to have the "courage to shut down the government" in order to eliminate the programs that he wants gone.

4) His campaign posted a message on Twitter, crudely attacking Senator Lisa Murkowski, asking "What's the difference b/n selling out your party's values and the oldest profession?"

5) According to the Anchorage Daily News, "Miller said the Second Amendment exists to protect the right of people to be a threat to their government."

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