Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not so simple

by Sam Webb
From PeoplesWorld.org

I found it "over the top." What? The reactions among the liberal, progressive and left (lpl) commentariat to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' criticism of the "professional left" for its negativity toward the Obama administration.

And here's why!

First of all, what goes around comes around. Let's face it - lpls have been very critical of the new president, sometimes stridently so. And even where he has won important political victories (health care legislation) or staked out a positive position on a controversial issue (defense of religious freedom in connection with the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero), he has caught hell. So not to expect some blowback from the administration is naïve or presumptuous. Is there anyone who doesn't blow off steam from time to time?

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peaceapplause said...

Lpl forces have often had racist tendencies and anti-working class tendencies. Those left forces which clearly see how women,African Americans,Asians,Native Peoples,including Latinos,have contributed mightily to the progressive motive force in the Americas-the promotion of the working class- and simultaneously see that Asians contribute greatly today and will continue along with Africans if given half a chance to participate in modern industry, freed from the past history of colonialism and imperialism,will help humanity move foward.
This very vision,is the legacy of the CPUSA. This anti-imperialism,anti-colonialism and anti-war and anti-nuclear war legacy will help save the Obama administration from certain disaster.
The Lydon Baines Johnson administration attempted the
impossible outmolded construction of imperialism on top of colonialism in Vietnam,atrocities abounding,alongside an anti-poverty program in the U.S.,as the "lowly"Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. demanded,with a massive social and political movement in the 1960s,that it would never work-and demanded an end to the war atrocity. Similiarly,the pursuit of Imperialism on top of a history of oppression and tribal division in Afghanistan will always create atrocity in the human condition there,while simultaneously destroying jobs,working conditions,job security and overall productivity in the U.S., thwarting any and all efforts of the Barack Hussein Obama administration to revive the"Great Recession",and its genocidal effect on the U.S.working class.
Lpls have to get this lesson. As we count president Obama as a progressive,he has to get it. If his administration does not or can not,we can not count it as progressive,neither can we support it. We would have to vehemently oppose this Obama administration,not as a sectarian group,but alongside and with the working class,in line with our legacy of unity from our Foster,Robeson,Davis,Flynn,Winston,Hall,DuBois,Jones,Lightfoot,Hudson,and many,many more.
Unity for the working class,with the working class,is our call,with the Obama administration and all lpls that recognize the wanton waste and disaster finance capital and war have visited on the international working class-of which we are a part,as we fight to help future working class generations.
E.E.W. Clay