Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Comment: Venezuela Independence Day

by Annie Fox

As an activist for the end of U.S. interference in Latin America, and a Communist, I am deeply offended to see us note Venezuela's national holiday with a greeting from Hillary Clinton. This is the same Secretary of State, Clinton, who a few days ago spoke about the horrors of countries that repress political dissent, explicitly listing Venezuela, along with Cuba and others, while somehow missing Canada & the U.S. She might be part of a different administration from the one that tried to foment a successful coup against Chavez, the elected president of Venezuela, but there are certainly ties between the U.S. and the coup in Honduras; you might recall that, despite some mouth-talk from Obama, he and Hillary Clinton want the Honduran people to just get over it & accept the results of that illegal change of government.

This is so inappropriate I cannot find adequate words for my objection.

posted in lie of a "comment" facility on the PA blog.