Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekly Standard afraid of the Communist Party

From The Weakly Standard. Oh so amusing:

Although Lyndon LaRouche Democrats are standing up for the proletariat and opposing Obamacare because they want a single-payer system, the Wall Street Journal's James Taranto notes that the CPUSA is enthusiastically supporting Obamacare:, a Web site of the conservative Media Research Center, notes that CNN, NBC and MSNBC have all shown "a poster of President Obama--on whose face a Hitler mustache has been Photo Shopped--bearing the caption ‘I've Changed.' " to illustrate the supposed extremism of ObamaCare critics:
But there's a problem with this media narrative.
For written at the poster's bottom is the web address "," the political action committee website for Communist and perpetual Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche.
We're not sure that describing LaRouche as a "communist" is fair to communists; our sense is that his ideology is eclectically extreme and nutty, drawing elements from left, right and directions we haven't heard of.
On the other hand, if it's fair to tar normal citizens for taking the same position on ObamaCare as LaRouche, it's equally fair for us to link to this statement from the Communist Party USA backing ObamaCare:
Within our country, the Obamajority is needed to take to the streets in support of health care with a public option paid for by reversing the obscene tax giveaways to the super rich during the Bush years. If health care reform fails, it will be a giant step backwards for the Obama administration and for working people, the labor movement, African American, Latino, Asian-Pacific Island communities, women and youth on every issue including the economy, peace and democracy. . . .
This fight for health care is a fight for the ability to win on every other issue starting with Employee Free Choice and all the way to state budget priorities. It is a fight for unity against the ultra-right. What happens at the grassroots will in large part decide what happens in Congress. Now is the time for the Obamajority to act.
We don't know if it's original to the commies, but we do find that "Obamajority" an amusing coinage.
And before left-wing bloggers start shrieking about red-baiting, just remember: Obama and Hillary got there first.

I find the last line most amusing. Red-baiting is ok because Pres. Obama and Sec. Clinton did it too (supposedly). Logical projection: Health reform is right because Obama and Hillary said so too.