Monday, October 20, 2008

Latest Washington Post Spin on Ideology and the Crisis

From Washington Post:

IS THIS the end of American capitalism? As financial panic spread across the globe and governments scrambled to contain the damage, reality seemed to announce the doom of U.S.-style free markets and President Bush's ideology. But this is wrong in two ways. The deregulation of U.S. financial markets did not reflect only the narrow ideology of a particular party or administration. And the problem with the U.S. economy, more than lack of regulation, has been government's failure to control systemic risks that government itself helped to create. We are not witnessing a crisis of the free market but a crisis of distorted markets.

Read the whole thing here....

If only the markets had been freer, with less oversight, with fewer consumer protections, with no rights for workers, with no environmental protections, with no barriers to trade, no limits on any activity, no matter how destructive or anarchistic.... If only.