Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Just in: New York Congressman Threatens to "Pack Heat" in Response to Peace Protests

From Americans Against Escalation in Iraq:

Washington- Just three days into August recess, and 20 days to the Iraq Summer Campaign's Take a Stand Day, it appears that Rep. Randy Kuhl cannot face his constituents and answer their tough questions on why he continues to shield President Bush's endless war. With recent polls indicating that more than 7 in 10 Americans are against the Iraq War and are calling for a responsible redeployment of American troops home by April 2008, Rep. Kuhl continues to ignore constituents concerns and has even suggested he would carry a gun to "protect" himself from constituents who may come to his office to express their opinions.

Rep. John R. "Randy" Kuhl told Democrat & Chronicle Editorial Board member Jerri Kaiser "that the types of protests have caused him to rethink security at his offices and that means securing doors. He said they are 'more protective now' and that he 'thought about packing.'[Democrat & Chronicle, 8/7/07]

Peace activists responded:

"Instead of arming himself in response to his constituents' protests of his war stance, Rep. Kuhl should try listening. New Yorkers, like more than 70% of Americans, are simply calling on him to Take a Stand, and bring an end to President Bush's endless war in Iraq," said Bill Gaffney, a WWII Veteran and resident of NY-29. "It is time that Congressman Kuhl face his constituents and explain why he continues to shield President Bush's endless war. After four years, 3600 American lives and over $450 billion dollars, New Yorkers have had enough. Rep. Kuhl has a choice: he stands with his constituents and votes to bring the troops home or he stands with President Bush."

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