Sunday, June 10, 2007

French Parliamentary Elections: Challenges to Labor and Peoples' Movement Intensify


The first round of the French parliamentary elections are finished and the right wing is in the drivers seat.

Labor and the peoples' movements will be challenged like never before.

Sarkozy's right wing party received 46% of the vote, but under the Parliament rules will get about 80% of the seats. [This is democracy French style, these days.]

The socialists received 36% of the vote but, will only receive about 120 seats

The French Communist Party received about 4% of the vote and will receive between 9 to 14 seats. This is a big problem since it takes 20 seats to make a Group in the Parliament. This is the lowest for the FCP in decades.

The ultra left and trotskyist groups got about 5%, but will have NO seats in Parliament.

The facsict front, National Front received about 5% of the vote and NO seats in Parliament. Most of their base supported Sarkozy.

These are the figures, the analysis will be coming down the pike soon.

One thing for sure, labor and the peoples' movement will be challenged to keep the social and economic benefits that French people have enjoyed for scores of years.

Stay tuned.

Mike Tolochko

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Anonymous said...

Well if the right wing is in the drivers seat, then either the French people are feeble minded or the French left doesn't understand what Marxism stands for and doesn't know how to explain it to the French workers.
If the CP leaders are jerks, I wouldn't blame the masses for being confused.